Disturbing the Peace

In a bid to discover new variations and cut throughs on an east of the island route… I today managed to interrupt a meditation session at a yoga retreat and ride straight into a densely populated horse stables. Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 22.12.17Observing island life up close, in the middle of  of the countryside gives you a sense of relief that this part of the islands culture still has life left in it, through a younger generation that are now creating and or augmenting existing rural business’ through the use of contemporary ideas which are however still rooted in authentic Ibiza.

Gymbox Q&A

Did a little Q&A with the nice people at Gymbox here are my ramblings!

Hi Simon, what made you launch Velo Club Ibiza? 

Well, first and foremost I love riding my bike. I try to ride as much as possible, I get kind of weird if I don’t! I imagine it’s the same for people who love to workout or run: something you love doing is also something you have to do.

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Why Ibiza?

I’ve been coming to the island for years, I got married here and it really feels like home for my family – the terrain is perfect to ride around and you can do it all year round. There are some stunning parts of the island that are only accessible by bike, so the discovery element is really exciting. Mallorca is usually the go to Balearic Island if you are a more serious bike, but I feel Ibiza can deliver this side of riding and also a whole lot more. I want to actively promote a more social side to cycling that is in tune with the nature of the Island. That’s why VC Ibiza is a club: I want it to be very social and inclusive of all types of cyclists.

Is there more to the island than clubbing, then? 

Of course! You can easily come here and not see any of that side. I have a background in the music industry so I still have a real affinity with that scene. The fitness and well-being side of the island is incredibly developed, partly because of Spain’s total commitment to all forms of sport and also because of the climate and natural resources the island provide. The total calm of the countryside; the clear seas; and just the tranquillity and space you have naturally promotes the feeling of well-being.

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Sounds amazing – is it possible to combine both activities? 

Definitely. And the cocktails taste so much better if you know you have made the effort to do some exercise in the day! Again the ability to do this comes back to the nature of the island, you can feel the energy and similarly the tranquillity as soon as you arrive, and it’s that natural feeling of balance that allows you to be hedonistic and healthy in equal measure.

Sounds ideal for Gymbox members. But is this for the more experienced cyclist or can beginners get involved?

It’s for all types, VC Ibiza caters for everyone. I love the idea of harking back to what cycling clubs were traditionally, when they played the role of social clubs that brought all types of people together for the simple pleasure of riding their bikes. If some want to go harder and faster than others then that fine we can tailor to suit!

Can you describe a favourite route? 

We are creating new routes all the time. The scenery here is simply stunning so it’s very hard to pick a favourite. As soon as you start to think ’That’s the best hill-top coastal road, ever’, you find yourself in the ’campo’ feeling emotional because of the deep smell of the pines and the immaculate fields of orange trees and golden barley your riding through – so much so I sometimes have trouble making people concentrate on looking where they are going!

What can be expected from a day’s cycling trip?

At VC Ibiza we tailor everything to your requirements it really all depends on the customer, I’d either converse with a customer while they are here or sort a route out prior to suit their experience. Or for the more performance based routes with more experienced riders we’d be using apps like Strava. In terms of the routes I’d be able to give info on where we are and the upcoming terrain when I lead the ride.

And the stop off points?

Yes, important! I’m also building up a network of all the great coffee, cake and ice-cream stops and all over the island! And of course when creating the routes I’m always looking to integrate the amazing scenery and famous landmarks the island has to offer.

Isn’t it a bit too hot to cycle?

VC Ibiza is open all year round but of course in July and August we will ride in the morning or later in the afternoon. The beautiful thing is though, if it gets too hot you can just divert to the nearest beach and jump in!

Amazing. Finally, why should people consider a cycling holiday in ibiza?

There are many reasons: experiencing the beauty of the island in a unique way and the sense of achievement, adventure and well-being you will get from exploring its many trails and parcours on a bike, in a social environment and with like minded people. Riding in Ibiza really allows you to connect with nature whilst exercising to your desired level. There will be no exclusivity in terms of bike snobbery and that fits with the culture of the Island. It’s a very positive and social island that manages to combine simple rural life with some of the best high end quality shops, restaurants, hotels and clubs in the world and it seems to do it seamlessly.

For further info and to claim your discount, contact Simon.

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West Side Training Loop

Nice west side loop this morning taking in some of Ibiza finest landmarks and challenging climbs…

It was an early start heading West then doubling back into the countryside where...No Cars Go

It was an early start heading West then doubling back into the countryside where…No Cars Go


A pokey little climb in the campo just south of Sant Agustin

The road down into Cala Vadella

The road down into Cala Vadella

The climb out of Cala D'Hort just past Es Vedra is a tough one

The climb out of Cala D’Hort just past Es Vedra is a tough one

Especially when its beginning to heat up a little

Especially when its beginning to heat up a little

VC Ibiza – Official Performance Kit


Designed in Liverpool, Made in Italy by Sportful and soon to be ridden throughout the globe the Velo Club Ibiza kit is going into production.

For all order enquiries and pricing please contact: simon@veloclubibiza.com
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Henk and Conrad Training Loop

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 11.01.48

Saturday the 13th was a perfect day to ride…slightly overcast in the morning so the heat of the sun was going to be kept at bay for a few hours.

VC Ibiza clients Hendrik and Conrad are currently training for a number of events including the Prudential Ride London on the 4th of August and then the London Duathlon in September.

So what better way to put in some training miles than fly out to ibiza for a weekend of riding the brand new Focus Cayos and of course grabbing a few ice cold recovery caña‘s.

We rode out form Jesus on a 90K east side training loops that takes in a cross section of beautiful scenery from the coast roasts and into the “campo” the route has numerous and challenging climbs and super fast descents..

It was a job well done as the pictures show…

Conrad was loving the Ibicencan parcours

Conrad was loving the Ibicencan parcours

Hendrik coming over the Sant Joan climb

Hendrik coming over the Sant Joan climb

Final little uphill to give us a lookout over D'Alt Villa and the Marina

Final little uphill to give us a lookout over D’Alt Villa and the Marina