Getting Fresh….

November Sky

November Sky

November had been fresher weather wise as we see winter finally hitting the white isle.  There really is no Autumn here just Summer, Spring and Winter.  November although colder continues to be great riding weather…with beautiful sun light and a transformation in the landscape from the burnt soil of summer to the lush greens of fertile farmland.

First knee warmer action of the year  !

First knee warmer action of the year !


78 mile Island Loop….

It was a bit unexpected this but managed to ride an Island loop today ! …Hit 27 degrees at some points which eased the pain of the shocking head wind which lasted from from Cala St Vicent in the East to Santa Agnes in the West!

Aguias Blancas y bicicleta

Aguias Blancas y bicicleta


A deserted Cala St Vicent


Climbing toward St Joan


Heading West past San Miquel towards Santa Agnes


Look Mum No Hands

New Lower Back Testing!

Due to my boring lower back injury that I in no way blame on Mr Matt Kerr or Strava (well maybe a bit), It felt amazing to be riding the island again this week in some truly splendid October weather.

And it looks like the back issue has been resolved by having the troublesome body part removed and replaced with a new carbon fibre flex-tech lower back (available at all good body stores).

The route was pretty much the same all week due to the integration of the new back but by Friday I was definitely feeling the old sea legs coming back!